Welcome to the website for the #Love40 Foundation.

The Lord gave me these two scriptures for the #LOVE40 Foundation: Luke 4:18 and Mathew 25:35

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Leah O’Rourke


#LOVE40 is love in action! To feed the hungry, provide water to the thirsty, a home to the stranger, clothes to the naked, medicine and care to the sick, to visit those in prison, provide good news and bibles to the poor, proclaim freedom for the prisoners, love for our enemies, recovery of sight, for the blind, set the oppressed free and GO into all the world and make disciples IJN!


#LOVE40 Foundation exists to be a funnel, to collect and distribute funds to various charitable organisations as led by the Holy Spirit.

Examples of charitable organisations we plan to support;

Destiny Rescue
World Vision
Collective Shout
Women’s shelters
The Bible Society
Scripture in Schools
Fred Hollands
Second Chances
Watoto Babies
Mental Health
Domestic Violence ‘Australia says NO’
Suicide prevention
Vision Ministries